Commonwealth Audiology | Audiologist In Georgetown, KY
Audiologists at Commonwealth Audiology provide a full range of hearing services that ensure our patients are taken care of every step of the way as we work together to improve their quality of life. Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow-Up Care Tinnitus Treatment Hearing Protection Hearing Aid Repair Cerumen Management
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Our Promise

At Commonwealth Audiology we promise to put your hearing healthcare first.  Our professionals are experienced Doctors of Audiology who are up to date with knowledge on the most recent hearing aid technologies and practices. Armed with that knowledge we provide our patients with the most innovative hearing solutions available.  Our recommendations will be based on listening situations that are important for you and your everyday needs.  Our care doesn’t stop once you invest in better hearing. Commonwealth Audiology will be with you every step of the way as you adjust to life with hearing aids. To ensure success we will work closely together and fine-tune the instrument.  We feel this is crucial when investing with Commonwealth Audiology, as anyone can sell you a hearing aid, but it is the continued support that makes the difference.

“It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear” – Italo Calvino

Commonwealth Audiology provides a full range of services

Hearing Test

Hearing Aid Fitting

Tinnitus Treatment

Hearing Protection

Hearing Aid Repair

Ear Wax Management

Qualified Audiologists

Experts You Can Count On

Hearing technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. We do our best to stay relevant to the needs of our patients using advanced technology that helps us better diagnose and treat hearing loss.

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Are you or a loved one experiencing hearing loss?

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Contact Information

204 Bevins Lane, Suite B Georgetown, KY 40324

P: (502) 642-4322 F: (502) 653-5116

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