FAQ - Commonwealth Audiology - Georgetown, KY
Audiologists at Commonwealth Audiology provide a full range of hearing services that ensure our patients are taken care of every step of the way as we work together to improve their quality of life. Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow-Up Care Tinnitus Treatment Hearing Protection Hearing Aid Repair Cerumen Management
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How do hearing aids work?

When sound is present, small microphones on the hearing aids pick up that sound.  A small chip inside the unit then converts the sound and adjusts the sound based on your hearing needs.  The sound is then sent out of the hearing aid through a receiver or miniature speakers. 

There are specific hearing aids that work best depending on the severity of the hearing loss being treated.  This is why a proper and precise hearing evaluation is crucial for success.

Why should I get two hearing aids instead of one?

Balance is key.  For few individuals one hearing aid may be appropriate, however that is not the case for most hearing aid users.  Think of hearing aids like glasses, you have two eyes and while they may have different prescriptions, there is still a lens on both sides.  Hearing is similar to eyesight.  For maximum benefit with hearing aids, stimulating both ears and both sides of the brain, hearing needs to be collected from both sides.  Additionally, we want to make sure both ears are working equally to help with conversation which improves the overall ease of communication. 

Why digital?

Conventional analog hearing aids are essentially amplifiers.  Think of it like a television remote.  Everything goes up or down in volume.  With hearing, not all frequencies are the same.  Digital technology allows us to individually adjust the low, mid and high frequencies as you need them so the sound quality is much more precise and comfortable.

Will my hearing aids squeal?

In today’s hearing aid world, there should not be feedback present.  When people think of feedback they typically are referring to the analog hearing aid.  With the advancements of the digital technology we are able to calibrate the hearing aids to you ear in order to reduce the chance of feedback ever occurring.