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Audiologists at Commonwealth Audiology provide a full range of hearing services that ensure our patients are taken care of every step of the way as we work together to improve their quality of life. Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow-Up Care Tinnitus Treatment Hearing Protection Hearing Aid Repair Cerumen Management
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Hearing Test

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

What is it?

The diagnostic hearing evaluation (or hearing test) is performed by the Audiologist to determine the type, degree, and severity of your hearing loss. This test provides the Audiologist with valuable information needed to help make the best recommendation for your hearing needs. The hearing test is only one of many factors that helps the Audiologist determine if a hearing aid or alternate form of treatment is needed based on your results.

What to expect during your hearing evaluation?

There are several components that go into accurately and properly testing your hearing.  At Commonwealth Audiology our process is simple and proven to produce the best results for our patients. During your visit we will walk through the following steps with you.


The first step in providing you with the best hearing care possible is getting to know you! We will ask you a series of questions that help us determine how you are experiencing hearing loss along with your medical history to provide insight to possible causes of the loss.


We will start by examining inside the ear to help us determine if the hearing difficulty you are experiencing is caused by an obstruction or damage to the ear canal or eardrum. Once the exam is complete we will conduct a series of tests in our sound booth. Typically this tests includes pure-tone testing, bone-conduction testing, and speech testing.


After the hearing exam and evaluation our Audiologist will sit down with you and explain the results in a way you can understand, answer your questions, and provide you with information as we begin planning your treatment path.


Based on the results of your hearing evaluation we will sit down and develop a treatment path specific to you and your needs. We will work with you to match your lifestyle needs with the correct technology, specifically designed to treat your unique hearing loss.

Ready to schedule your diagnostic hearing evaluation?