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Lifestyle Options

Hearing Aid Lifestyle Options

At Commonwealth Audiology our mission is to make sure each and every patient is fit with technology that is appropriate for their lifestyle.  Think of it like this: if you lead a busy life, you need a technology that is going to be able to keep up with those demands.  On the other side, if you lead a relatively quiet life, you might not need all of the bells and whistles of the premium technology.  With that being said, below are the lifestyle selections we utilize when making our recommendations for technology levels.

Digital Advantage

Digital technology allows for sound to be amplified using special algorithms depending on the input.  For example, speech in a noisy environment will be processed differently than speech in a quiet environment.  Additionally, each frequency is analyzed in a customized way depending on the specific hearing loss it is working with.

Additionally, as a result of digital technology, the sound quality of hearing aids has improved significantly when compared to the old analog style.  Research has focused on creating the most natural and ‘normal’ sound quality over the last several years.  Because of this research and better understanding of how the ear and brain work together to listen and understand speech, we are able to provide a more precise hearing aid fit.

Noise Reduction

This technology is specific to the quiet, progressive and dynamic lifestyles.  Algorithms within these technology levels are advanced enough to recognize noise vs speech.  Once recognized the hearing aid kicks on the noise reduction setting with the goal of increasing the speech volume and decreasing the noise volume, allowing for communication to be improved.  While we can never eliminate noise completely, this noise reduction feature has proven to significantly help individuals as needed.

The Dynamic Lifestyle is designed for individuals who leave a very active lifestyle with background noise present in majority of their day-to-day schedule.  Whether they are in meetings, traveling, family gatherings, outdoor activities, restaurants and more, this technology is best equipped for the high demand.

  • Demanding communication
  • Group meetings
  • Large group gatherings
  • Frequent driving
  • Regular television and telephone use
  • Family gatherings
  • Concerts and music
  • Movies
  • Sporting events
  • Complex restaurant settings
two people talking at coffee shop with hearing aids

The Progressive Lifestyle is best for individuals who are exposed to occasional background noise.  This technology is beneficial for individuals in small to medium sized group settings, television and telephone use, traveling, church services, and eating out.

  • Some driving
  • Moderate communication
  • Most television and telephone use
  • Family gatherings
  • Quiet shopping
mother with hearing loss shopping with daughter

The Quiet Lifestyle is designed for individuals who are in limited background noise.  This would include small group settings and some television and telephone use.

  • Some television
  • Limited visitors
  • Small group gatherings
  • Limited music
  • Occasional telephone use
grandpa with hearing aid talking to boy in garden

The Basic Lifestyle is ideal for individuals who are rarely in the presence of background noise.  For the most part, these individuals are limited to mainly one-on-one conversations with limited television and phone use.

  • Infrequent television use
  • Limited visitors
  • Rather small group gatherings
  • Rare telephone use
older man and women with hearing loss embracing on beach

Need help deciding which lifestyle is best for you? We can help!